Below, you'll find written instructions along with a video tutorial demonstrating how to use the Length-n-Lock. For more information, you can email us at support@moonlitringlets.com or browse our social media platforms. You can find us on TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest: (@moonlitringlets).


Video Tutorial: 


Written Instructions:

  1. Begin with damp (~75 % dry) or dry styled hair, and create 2-4 sections.
  2. Wrap one flexible end of the Length-n-Lock around the very top of a hair section, ensuring the hooked side faces inward and overlaps the opposite side. 

3. Hold the section (hair + net) with one hand, then with the other hand latch the hooks into the mesh holes from top to bottom, ensuring a snug grip.

4. Wrap the bottom of the Length-n-Lock slightly above the end of the hair section (the ends are designed to roll up before wrapping if needed).
5. Repeat steps 1-4 on the remaining hair section(s).
Air-dry overnight (recommended), blow-dry, or use a hooded dryer until hair is 100% dry. Then remove the Length-n-Locks & shake/fluff to restore volume.


    -We recommend using the Length-n-Locks on partially wet hair (approximately 70-80% dry). It's important to ensure your hair is 100% dry before removing the Length-n-Locks. So, since hair drying times can vary among individuals, some experimentation may be needed to find the optimal level of dampness to get the amount of stretch you want while ensuring your hair will dry fully overnight. 

    -For 4-pack users: The way you section your hair can yield different results. Watch the tutorial video for recommendations!

    -Expected outcomes: The Length-n-Lock prevents hair from shrinking as it dries, maintaining its length. The difference you can expect depends on how much shrinkage you have —around 2 inches if it shrinks 2 inches, 5 inches if it shrinks 5 inches, and so on.

    -If Length-n-Locks slip off try larger hair sections, and squeeze the flexible ends for a better grip

    -We recommend leaving bangs and/or face framing hair pieces out of the Length-n-Locks