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The Length-n-Lock is a device designed to preserve the length of your curls/coils while they dry, so you can enjoy an elongated look whenever you prefer! (Pat. Pending)

Innovative design: The horizontal ends contain a flexible material, making it easy to wrap around sections of hair that vary in thickness.

Material: The Length-n-Lock features a breathable and durable polyester mesh fabric that is gentle on hair and facilitates natural airflow.

Precision hooks: A row of hooks on one vertical side are designed to seamlessly latch onto the holes in the mesh, offering adjustable tightness for a personalized fit.

Tailor the length: The Length-n-Lock is approximately 13 by 7 inches. The ends of each unit are designed to roll up, accommodating a range of hair lengths.

Hair types: The Length-n-Lock is primarily designed for individuals with type 3 and 4 (3b-4c) hair. While it can also be used on hair with looser curl/wave textures, it's important to note that the outcomes may differ!

Quantity: The Length-n-Lock is sold in packs of 2 and 4. The number of units needed depends on hair thickness, length, and desired results. Typically, individuals with thicker and/or shorter hair may require 4, whereas those with thinner and/or longer hair may require 2. 

Elevate your hair journey: Experience haircare crafted for those who value the health and versatility of their curls/coils!


How to Use:

    1. Written Instructions:

      1. Begin with damp, styled hair (~75 % dry), and create 2-4 sections.
      2. Wrap one flexible end of the Length-n-Lock around the very top of a hair section, ensuring the hooked side faces inward and overlaps the opposite side. 

      3. Hold the section (hair + net) with one hand, then with the other hand latch the hooks into the mesh holes from top to bottom, ensuring a snug grip.

      4.  Wrap the bottom of the Length-n-Lock slightly above the end of the hair section (roll up before wrapping if needed).
      5. Repeat steps 1-4 on the remaining hair section(s).
      Air-dry overnight (recommended), blow-dry, or use a hooded dryer until hair is 100% dry. Then remove the Length-n-Locks & shake/fluff to restore volume.


        -We recommend using the Length-n-Locks on partially wet hair (approximately 70-80% dry). It's important to ensure your hair is 100% dry before removing the Length-n-Locks. So, since hair drying times can vary among individuals, some experimentation may be needed to find the optimal level of dampness to get the amount of stretch you want while ensuring your hair will dry fully overnight. 

        -For 4-pack users: The way you section your hair can yield different results. Watch the tutorial video for recommendations!

        -Expected outcomes: The Length-n-Lock prevents hair from shrinking as it dries, maintaining its length. The difference you can expect depends on how much shrinkage you have —around 2 inches if it shrinks 2 inches, 5 inches if it shrinks 5 inches, and so on.

        -If Length-n-Locks slip off try larger hair sections, and squeeze the flexible ends for a better grip

        -We recommend leaving bangs and/or face framing hair pieces out of the Length-n-Locks

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 55 reviews
    Great product!

    My daughter (3B/C type curls) asked for some of these for her birthday and has been super happy with her gift! I personally love that these give an option for gentle lengthening without chemical relaxation. I think it would have been better purchasing 4 instead of 2 as her hair length is not quite short enough for the four shorter options but also not quite long enough for just the 2 linger options that I purchased, so I may get a couple more at some point. But she makes it work and loves the results! :)

    Love these!

    I wish I had these way sooner, it truly has made my hair dry so much longer and nicer. Can I put these in the washing machine to clean them?

    Great concept and owner

    Honestly I haven't gotten to try them yet but I love the concept. Sadly there's many cheap knock offs on Amazon even using the owners photos to promote so hopefully she gets a trademark and registers for Amazon brand registry and transparency to get them taken down..I would also recommend having an auto email sent to ask for reviews post purchase. I came here only to leave a review to support her but most customers need to be reminded to review the product.

    Thanks so much for leaving a review, I really appreciate your support! <3


    No can convince me otherwise these aren't the best tool for lengthening your curls! I have been looking for something like this for FOREVER because all my curly-haired girls out there know the SHRINKAGE be REAL and I am not disappointed! Amazing item and would 10/10 recommend!

    Thank you for the review! I appreciate the feedback, and I'm so happy they're what you've been looking for! <3

    Iyonna Boothe
    a MUST for my haircare routine

    I absolutely love the Length-N-Lock. It is extremely easy to use and has been a great heartless option for combating my 4c shrinkage!

    Thank you for the feedback!! so glad that they've been working out well for you :)